Our Products and Services

Consumer Goods
Orion Biotech (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that develops and markets a range of world class nutriceuticals, medical devices and personal care products.

Established in 2012 with a single product, Orion Biotech has, in a very short time, grown to a point where it's ever increasing product development pipeline has produced a number of high quality and innovative nutriceutical products that are soon to be available in major and small retailers all over South Africa.

IT and Support
Web Cloud Data is a full services information Communication Technology solution, a 100% BEE consulting and software development company.

We provide services across the full spectrum of ITC consulting, Software development and technical Support helping organizations design, develop and implement technology solutions that drive business growth.

Fleet Management
e-Drive provides cost effective, real-time fleet management solutions for government and commercial and public fleets. With advanced, integrated management capabilities, including support for Fuel level monitoring, we have an ideal automotive telematics solution for vehicle and driver monitoring and security and maintenance scheduling.

Online Vehicle Tracking
This is a highly advanced, online vehicle tracking, security, and infotainment system based on the integration of the cellular communication network, GPS and local contact centre services.

Aerospace & Defence Systems
Imbizo Aerospace Consulting helps clients in the diverse industry of aviation to improve performance, transform the enterprise, reduce costs, leverage technology, process and review large amounts of complex data, address regulatory changes, recover from distress and stimulate growth.

But our main focus of expertise is in getting our clients started in the industry by sorting out their necessary documentation.