About us

Imbizo created a group structure by means of mergers and acquisitions. The merging of the companies brought about a positive strategic re-alignment which created a rock-solid platform for the group’s expansion. It is the express intention of Imbizo that as mergers and acquisitions are made; the founders will be assigned to the underlying investment companies to participate in the strategic operations of such companies.  The group has enjoyed a steady growth and diversification over a period of seventeen years. This is also the period wherein the group was faced with its biggest hurdles and experienced turbulence and setbacks which were conquered throughout the journey. The story of the group is synonymous with that of the growth of an eagle which encounters a painful process of physical change for it to live longer. We too have gone through painful changes; changes that were well worth sustaining the pain. It is the story of our repeated rise and fall that has contributed to the eventual and consistent rise of Imbizo Group.

Driven by passion, our founder steered the group towards its growth and diversification of service provision to its customers. Imbizo Group and its subsidiary companies experienced rapid growth from the year 2012 and has then since become synonymous with innovation and growth evidenced by its success in establishing start-up companies from a zero budget to successful operating entities.

The group has established solid ties with both local and international companies in the space of manufacturing. Through these ties, we have developed products that compete with the best in the world. These pharmaceutical and personal care products are proudly developed by our subsidiary company, Orion Biotech. Our world first braille condom carton and other braille labelled products demonstrate the caring nature of the people within Imbizo Group. We cater for everyone in our society including the blind and visually impaired who also deserve the convenience we offer.

We also have our own fully fledged fleet management subsidiary, E-drive Telematics which is now positioned to compete with the best in the country and abroad. We have 100% South African-produced fleet management products designed to meet the ever challenging needs of our local and international customers.

Our aerospace business unit is now positioned to deliver end to end aviation consulting services to our customers. We do also have an interest in a 100% black owned non-scheduled carrier called Mzansi Airlines. The airline obtained its air services license in 2012.

Additionally, we have interests in the security sector through our participation in the Gautrain Security Services.

We at Imbizo Group do not aspire to become rich. Our goal is to create wealth which we will achieve through our key investment: people.


• To provide products and services across industries

• To be global partner of choice


• To create a world class diversified group


• To compete with the best on the global stage


• To display a high level of efficiency

• To be transparent in our dealings

• To be accountable to our shareholders

• To operate on ethos of mutual respect and honesty.

• To uphold high levels of integrity and credibility in every aspect of what we do

• To uphold the highest ethics in business practice as guided by the code of good practice and the principles of corporate governance and act responsibly in our dealings.